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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Her Majesty the Queen's Christmas Message 2006

Here's the full text of our Queen's wonderful speech this Christmas; from the Royal Website:


Speeches and articlesText of the Christmas Broadcast 2006
I have lived long
enough to know that things never remain quite the same for very long. One of the
things that has not changed all that much for me is the celebration of
Christmas. It remains a time when I try to put aside the anxieties of the moment
and remember that Christ was born to bring peace and tolerance to a troubled
world. The birth of Jesus naturally turns our thoughts to all new-born children
and what the future holds for them. The birth of a baby brings great happiness -
but then the business of growing up begins. It is a process that starts within
the protection and care of parents and other members of the family - including
the older generation. As with any team, there is strength in combination: what
grandparent has not wished for the best possible upbringing for their
grandchildren or felt an enormous sense of pride at their achievements?
the pressures of modern life sometimes seem to be weakening the links which have
traditionally kept us together as families and communities. As children grow up
and develop their own sense of confidence and independence in the ever-changing
technological environment, there is always the danger of a real divide opening
up between young and old, based on unfamiliarity, ignorance or misunderstanding.
It is worth bearing in mind that all of our faith communities encourage the
bridging of that divide. The wisdom and experience of the great religions point
to the need to nurture and guide the young, and to encourage respect for the
elderly. Christ himself told his disciples to let the children come to him, and
Saint Paul reminded parents to be gentle with their children, and children to
appreciate their parents. The scriptures and traditions of the other faiths
enshrine the same fundamental guidance. It is very easy to concentrate on the
differences between the religious faiths and to forget what they have in common
- people of different faiths are bound together by the need to help the younger
generation to become considerate and active citizens.
And there is another
cause for hope that we can do better in the future at bridging the generation
gap. As older people remain more active for longer, the opportunities to look
for new ways to bring young and old together are multiplying.
As I look back
on these past twelve months, marked in particular for me by the very generous
response to my eightieth birthday, I especially value the opportunities I have
had to meet young people. I am impressed by their energy and vitality, and by
their ambition to learn and to travel.
It makes me wonder what contribution
older people can make to help them realise their ambitions. I am reminded of a
lady of about my age who was asked by an earnest, little grand-daughter the
other day "Granny, can you remember the Stone Age?" Whilst that may be going a
bit far, the older generation are able to give a sense of context as well as the
wisdom of experience which can be invaluable. Such advice and comfort are
probably needed more often than younger people admit or older people recognise.
I hope that this is something that all of us, young or old, can reflect on at
this special time of year.
For Christians, Christmas marks the birth of our
Saviour, but it is also a wonderful occasion to bring the generations together
in a shared festival of peace, tolerance and goodwill.
I wish you all a very
happy Christmas together.

Amen to that!

Merry Christmas to all

From this website; Queen & Country

Monday, December 18, 2006

Republikins have no sense of humour

Well Mr "Bearhunter" does nt like being called a "Republicunt" & Brian of N. Z. Monarchy is weak on the Republikins because they might get offended!

Well it just shows that the republikins have no sense of humour & can't take a joke. What an awful country they must want if they can't take a joke.

I see Aidan had done a good job at exposing the "Republic of Ireland" & the discrimination their against good protestant folk & violence in Ulster by the Sinn fein / I.R.A. & This is what Republikins want in N.Z! Aidan is right, Holden & his Cronies & the Labourties should jump on a plane to Zimbabwe. they'd love it there!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Republicanism = racism + tyranny.

Bill,I am sure that you will agree with me that republicanism has been responsible for some of the worst acts of racial & religious discrimination,as well as tyranny.A good example of a racist regime has to be the banana republic of Zimbabwe,whose crackpot & racist dictator,Robert Mugabe should have been overthrown years ago! Eventually,Zimbabwe will return to its membership of the British Commonwealth.

An example of a banana republic that has an apartheid regime that discriminates against its religious minorities is the Republic of Ireland.In 1910,10% of the population of what is now the Romish rebel pirate state belonged to the Protestant Churches.Today,this is down to 2 or 3%.Do you know why? It is because of the policies of successive Irish Governments,especially since 1937,which discriminates against the Protestant minority.The Cult of Rome still has huge power,which is why the Republic of Ireland is described as the Romish rebel pirate state.A lot of Irish Protestants have been forced out.They have moved up into Ulster,& have moved to the other 3 British countries,& to the Dominions.Very few have ever returned.One of the most notorious acts that was given approval by some extremists in the Cult of Rome,was the notorious Fethard-on-Sea Boycott in 1957.Here's a link; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fethard-on-Sea .

The Romish rebel pirate state deserves to be rightfully condemned for allowing the mass murderers from Sinn Fein/I.R.A. to be given shelter across the border.The Romish rebel pirate state's police force,the Garda Siochana,are viewed with suspicion by the Protestant minority in the counties of Cavan,Donegal,& Monaghan,which,with the British country of Ulster,form part of the historic Province of Ulster.Some members of the Garda Siochana are known to have colluded with Sinn Fein/I.R.A. in acts of cross-border terrorism & mass murder.There was one case of a British family from Ulster who were kidnapped & taken across the border into the Romish rebel pirate state.The father was murdered,& his killers have never been brought to justice.Sinn Fein/I.R.A. are also allowed to have representation in the Irish Parliament (also called the 'Dail' (pronounced 'Doyle') in the barbaric Erse language).The Irish Government refuses to proscribe the political wing of Sinn Fein/I.R.A.,even though Michael McDowell,the current Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic) is a known anti-Sinn Fein/I.R.A. critic.

Since the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985,the Romish rebel pirate state has been allowed to have a say in Ulster's affairs (which is vehemently opposed by the Protestant & Unionist majority).In 1998,the 'Good Friday Agreement' was signed,but Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness,who are the 2 most bigoted people in Sinn Fein/I.R.A. have been allowed to get away with both the murders that they themselves committed,& the acts of ethnic cleansing that they themselves personally ordered,such as the 1975 kidnapping & murder of Jean McConville,a mother of 10.

As a result of the 'Good Friday Agreement',both the Irish & British Governments have tried to impose a local coalition government that includes Sinn Fein/I.R.A..Firstly,an Ulster Unionist Party/Sinn Fein/I.R.A. coalition was attempted with David Trimble (now Lord Trimble) as First Minister & Gerry Adams as Deputy First Minister.This attempted coalition ended up collapsing during 2002 & the Assembly was suspended.

In early 2006,as a result of elections,Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party became the largest party in Ulster.The majority of the electorate voted for change.

Later on,the British Government announced that it was going to try & impose another coalition government including Sinn Fein/I.R.A..A deadline of the 24th of November was imposed,but changed to March 2007.Talks between the British & Irish Governments,the D.U.P.& Sinn Fein/I.R.A. were held at St. Andrew's,Scotland.An agreement was signed in which Ian Paisley would become the First Minister of Ulster.The St. Andrew's Agreement has aroused a lot of anger,especially from the Protestant majority population of Ulster.Some members of the D.U.P. have resigned from the party,because the mass murderers from Sinn Fein/I.R.A. are once again,being allowed to hold the people of Ulster to ransom,& that the leadership of the D.U.P. have effectively caved into a majority of Sinn Fein/I.R.A.'s demands.

Despite the fact that Sinn Fein/I.R.A. have claimed to have got rid of their guns,bullets,& bombs,some of the huge arsenal that they had has been falling into the hands of splinter factions
who are calling themselves the 'Real' I.R.A.' & 'Continuity I.R.A.'.These gangs are still engaged in acts of ethnic cleansing.Some areas of Belfast that had a Protestant majority population 5 years ago now have a Papist majority population.That goes to show why republicanism,especially of the Irish kind,is regarded in an extremely negative light,& rightfully so! Both Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness have claimed that Sinn Fein & the I.R.A. are 2 separate organisations,yet it has been proven that this is definitely NOT the case!

This is proof in itself of why I am a very strong advocate of imposing extremely tough sanctions against the Romish rebel pirate state.These should remain until the Romish rebel pirate state ceases to interfere in the internal affairs of Ulster,& institutes a genuinely democratic political system with Sinn Fein/I.R.A. being excluded from the process.Sinn Fein/I.R.A. belongs in 2 places - the dustbin of history & the Lake of Fire in Hell!

Here is proof that racism is still not only tolerated,but actively encouraged in the Romish rebel pirate state; http://www.victims.org.uk/nazi.html .


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Defend N.Z.'s Flag!

A flag is not just a rag that one stares at. It carries meaning, meaning that some disloyal N.Zers do not understand & want to destroy. Our New Zealand ensign is based on the Brilliant UNION JACK, a flag created by bringing together the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland; the three mother countrys our ancestors came from!

This website is loayal to our ensign & the Union Jack! these two falgs have been added on the side, in HTML. I have also added the other links that have been previously mentioned on this website.

God Save the Queen!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

John Key: a loyalist?

The New leader of Herr Majesty's Loyal Opposition (not that republikins would know what that means!!), John Key, seems to want to be "all things to all people". So, does that mean the new leader of our major Convservative party, the best defence to creeping republicanism, is a loyalist to Her Majesty the Queen?? One blogger, Murray, said on NZ Monarchy "he talks like a bloogy PC socialist!". I think he's right. Key thinks he can win by getting townie votes & beating the Labourites that way. He won't, us country people won't support a PC National into office if it means we go back to the racist, republican Bolger government of the 90s.

Fiji needs Her Majesty, not republikins

So, Fiji's mad military commanders have once again overthrown a democratic cgovernment in Fiji, a banana republic. Fiji, a former British Dominion is now an unstable & banana republic, where the military calls the shots & "the people" don't get a say.

NZ's armed forces are so weak we can't intervene to restore order. But what Fiji really needs is the stabililty of a democratic monarchy - they need the return of the Queen of Fiji!

Meanwhile, N.Z. republikins say that they want a N.Z. like Fiji, but they don't want a military run govt in N.Z. Hypocrits as usual!!

No Banana republic!