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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Duke of York supports NZ relationship;

As you may notice, I have activated the spelling checking part of blogger & it appears to be working. So my poor typing my at last be resolved! except it doesn't accept the work "republikin"!

Well, it seems the reds/Labourites at "Sunday-Star Times", who are usually the republikins "lap-dog", have an good article on our special relationship with the United Kingdom of Great Britain:


The Duke of York has visited N.Z. & has said he supports our continued relationship. This is something the Brittanophobic republikins don't have. They can't promise any relationship with Britain or the Commonwealth because they don't have the links that the monarchy does. A republic means cutting our heritage off & it is something we shouldn't do!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Republikin Terrorists can't control Ulster

In "Northern Ireland" the republikins have failed to win the election & the terrorist I.R.A. / Sin n Fein have failed to take control. The Loyalists, led by the good Rev. I. Paisley have won & have prenvetned Ulster from becoming a Terrosits state!

So, the British state will surivive as a model of stable democracy & of course our Queen will remain the Sovereign of the people of Ulster, a Loyalists Home Country in United Kingdom and Great Britain.


Friday, March 02, 2007

A New Loyalist web blog

Loyalists to Her Majesty have a sense of Humour the Republkins do not & we can laught at ourselves.Republikins do not. The good Doctor Jonothann Swift has done just that on his new web blog, "Kiwi Examiner".

This is the link:

http://kiwiexaminer.blogspot.com/index.html & Ishall add it to the side of this website when it's time to re-do the HTML, that I've gotten better at.

Also, Doctor Swift has got stuck into O'Holden, the leader of the Socialist Republikin Movement: Who wants to destroy our Constitution & Institutions & our British Loyalist way of Life! O'Holden wrote another child-like dribble the other day on His Royal Highness Prince Charles, OUR NEXT KING, who wants to fix the poor diets of young ones these days, with lots of fatty American "Fast-Food" & junk, & a lack of fresh air. But we live in such PC times that saying such things is not popular, & republkins want to prevent Prince from using his free speech!

Brian also has a republikin on his website now, proof that he is not a true Loyalist anymore. He should ban this "Adam" & make hs website loyalist once more.