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Monday, June 25, 2007

A true NZ Conservative Party

NZ needs a true Conservative Party. The National Party has for too long not done a good job at protecting our Royal Heritage & conservative values of British N.Zers, & often promoted apartheid style policies to separate Maori NZers off from the rest of us.

In my view, we need a proper Conservative Party to keep out Republicanism in N.Z, get tough on criminals & roll-back the Labourite "reforms" of the last 20 years, such as homosexual "rights", anti-Marriage, anti-family, anti-monarchy policies. There was an Conservative Party during the 1990s that was short lived. Here's the link:


They had some good policies, such as trying to stop the internet for being use for photography & other filth.

Should we re-vive a Conservative Party, to defend our Queen & Country? It seems like a good time too.


Republikins attack Prince William!

Typical of Republican tactics, they are now trying to Undermine the Crown by attacking HRH Prince William because he Supports the Lions of Great Britain. This is because they have nothing to say - N.Zers don't support republicanism, a MAJORITY want to keep the Monarchy because it keeps power from the hands of Politicians, & means we have a ally in the Monarch.