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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Republicanism = dictatorship with out freedom!

Well, it seems the republikins want to remove the laws protecting H.M.Q. from their seditious ways! A representative from the Monarchist League of New Zealand, Mr Robert Mann, has said that the law is needed to protect the Queen's authority (and the Queen's peace, that the Police are charged to uphold & maintain law & order), mainly against the Islam-fascists & Brittanophobic & anti-British republikins.They want to abolish the law, otherwise it means they could be locked up, & dealt with! It is only because we have a corrupt Labourite government that the republikins haven't been locked up or shot yet!

This is typical of republikins. They want to remove the law so that they can destroy the monarchy, hiding behind their "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" nonsense, when it is the Queen & H.M's authority which protects it, not the socialist republikins!