Queen & Country

Loyal to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II her heirs and successors!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Royalist dates & Celebrations

Its important that we celebrate Royalist dates on our calender. Here's a list of such dates (thank's Aidan for suggestions):
  • British COmmonwealth Day - 1 monday of March
  • Queen's Birthday - 21 April
  • Queen's Official Birthday -1 monday of June
  • Battle of the Boyne - 12 July
  • Dominion of New Zealand Day - 26 September
  • Queen's Wedding anniversary - 20 November

The Republikins are trying to steal 26th September for their own means, to ruin the celebration of New Zealand's Dominion. It is best to ignore the dis-loyal rather than play theyr silly games.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

60 years of marriage & service by the Queen!

The New Zealand Post office is showing some loyal colours for once! They have produced some lovely stamps of the 60 years since the Queen & H.R.H Prince Philip were married. Here's the link:


What a great way to show our appreciation of all these years of service to our little country by the Queen. I'm not a stamp collector, but I will look out for these at the local post office & see if I can buy some. Maybe I can use them to send letters to dis-loyal republikins!