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Monday, October 08, 2007

O'Holden's Secret

These days you read a lot about these "network" websites that allow one to post pictures & such. It seems you should be careful about what you put on these website. It seems O'Holden is not so careful - his "Facebook" website reveals that the republikin leader is infact an employee of IBM, or "Internet Business Machines", the corporation which sold counting machines to NAZI Germans for their Death camps. Right company for O'Holden then!

Also isn't it funny that O'Holden Works for an American multi-country Corporation? So much for supporting N.Z. "independence"!

Typical. So when O'Holden wants to be "president" of his banana republican, remember he works fro an corporation that helped the NAZIs!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Royalist dates & Celebrations

Its important that we celebrate Royalist dates on our calender. Here's a list of such dates (thank's Aidan for suggestions):
  • British COmmonwealth Day - 1 monday of March
  • Queen's Birthday - 21 April
  • Queen's Official Birthday -1 monday of June
  • Battle of the Boyne - 12 July
  • Dominion of New Zealand Day - 26 September
  • Queen's Wedding anniversary - 20 November

The Republikins are trying to steal 26th September for their own means, to ruin the celebration of New Zealand's Dominion. It is best to ignore the dis-loyal rather than play theyr silly games.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

60 years of marriage & service by the Queen!

The New Zealand Post office is showing some loyal colours for once! They have produced some lovely stamps of the 60 years since the Queen & H.R.H Prince Philip were married. Here's the link:


What a great way to show our appreciation of all these years of service to our little country by the Queen. I'm not a stamp collector, but I will look out for these at the local post office & see if I can buy some. Maybe I can use them to send letters to dis-loyal republikins!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Conservative Democratic Unionist Party of the Dominion of New Zealand

Well, Aidan has made some suggestions for policy's for a new party, & a name:

Conservative Democratic Unionist Party of the Dominion of New Zealand

We maybe known as the C.D.U.P. for short. We will probably be a "minor" party for some years, but its a start.

Here's some of the party's policies:

Constitutional policies:
  • Loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen & the British Monarchy
  • encourage the celebration of N.Z.'s British loyalist heritage.
  • restore sedition to be very tough; life or death penalties.
  • Abolish the Supreme Court & restore J.C.P.C.
  • Abolish the “New Zealand” honours system
  • Reinstate Knighthoods & the British Imperial Honours system in NZ
  • Restoration of the right of appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council & the establishment of a Constitutional Court, to keep Parliament in check.
  • Abolish the anti-democratic M.M.P, along with the Maori seats, reduce Parliament to 99 mps.
  • M.Ps should be limited to only two 3 year terms,with the Prime Minister being directly elected by the people.
Race relations
  • The Race Relations Act,1971,it should be amended to provide for the proscription of any organisation that has been set up with the promotion of a racist agenda,& for those who set up such an organisation to be put to death.
  • Ban racist party’s - Maori Party & National Front.
  • Abolish the Treaty “principles” in law, stop further hand-outs to corrupt Maori groups
Law & Order
  • Tougher penalties for violent crime, e.g. rape, & etc.
  • The restoration of the death penalty is long overdue,especially for the violent offenders,& those who possess illegal drugs.
  • There should be no such thing as parole or 'home detention'.If a criminal is sentenced to 5 years in gaol,then they should stay in gaol for 5 years - & no prisoner compensation for "human rights" abuse.
  • Repeal Human Rights Act so people can freely critical of homosexual propaganda.
External relations
  • No military alliance / free trade with U.S., Communist China. N.Z. to support British Commonwealth only
  • New Zealand should support the recognition of both Somaliland & the Principality of Hutt River as independent states with full status as British Commonwealth member states.
  • New Zealand should support British Commonwealth membership for Ireland,as it will strengthen ties,& hopefully kick off democratic change in that country.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A true NZ Conservative Party

NZ needs a true Conservative Party. The National Party has for too long not done a good job at protecting our Royal Heritage & conservative values of British N.Zers, & often promoted apartheid style policies to separate Maori NZers off from the rest of us.

In my view, we need a proper Conservative Party to keep out Republicanism in N.Z, get tough on criminals & roll-back the Labourite "reforms" of the last 20 years, such as homosexual "rights", anti-Marriage, anti-family, anti-monarchy policies. There was an Conservative Party during the 1990s that was short lived. Here's the link:


They had some good policies, such as trying to stop the internet for being use for photography & other filth.

Should we re-vive a Conservative Party, to defend our Queen & Country? It seems like a good time too.


Republikins attack Prince William!

Typical of Republican tactics, they are now trying to Undermine the Crown by attacking HRH Prince William because he Supports the Lions of Great Britain. This is because they have nothing to say - N.Zers don't support republicanism, a MAJORITY want to keep the Monarchy because it keeps power from the hands of Politicians, & means we have a ally in the Monarch.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Prince Harry should be safe from Moslem terrorists

The great thing about our Monarchy is that it creates "magic". Without such magic & fine upstanding members, our Monarchy will fade. Keeping His Royal Highness Prince Harry away from the dangers of the American-created Iraq war is a good idea, from the Monarchist League. However, at O'Holden's website it seems Brian, a "loyalist" thinks that this is the wrong move. Well, it is the wrong move to allow the Muslim's terrorists to Kill our Prince & heir to our the throne. That would give the Muslims & the Yanks something to gloat about. Prince Harry should not go to IRAQ. It is a war that was started by the Americans who are always late to wars & are bogged down by leftists & anti-military folk who think that their dream socialist world can come about by hugging trees. What a joke.

As usual, the republikins don't get it & O'Holden thinks it's a joke, well he's a joke for thinking that this has to do with his pet project of destroying our monarchy & hurting our Queen & democracy in NZ.

I see the Republicans are taking comments by Monarchist League Spokesman Doctor Mann out of context & twisting his words of warning on extreme Moslem's in our society. Typical republic kins - we have to change our culture to meet their wants & needs, not the other way around! They are right to raise the issue of Moslems in N.Z, we should be one people & follow the same culture, if others want to come here they should change to our culture, the British culture of NZ.

Also I see now that O'Holden has banned Mr Aidan Work of this website because O'Holden didn't like what he said. How bloody pathetic! He can't stand Aidan so he must ban him, how sad.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Republicanism = dictatorship with out freedom!

Well, it seems the republikins want to remove the laws protecting H.M.Q. from their seditious ways! A representative from the Monarchist League of New Zealand, Mr Robert Mann, has said that the law is needed to protect the Queen's authority (and the Queen's peace, that the Police are charged to uphold & maintain law & order), mainly against the Islam-fascists & Brittanophobic & anti-British republikins.They want to abolish the law, otherwise it means they could be locked up, & dealt with! It is only because we have a corrupt Labourite government that the republikins haven't been locked up or shot yet!

This is typical of republikins. They want to remove the law so that they can destroy the monarchy, hiding behind their "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" nonsense, when it is the Queen & H.M's authority which protects it, not the socialist republikins!