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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Conservative Democratic Unionist Party of the Dominion of New Zealand

Well, Aidan has made some suggestions for policy's for a new party, & a name:

Conservative Democratic Unionist Party of the Dominion of New Zealand

We maybe known as the C.D.U.P. for short. We will probably be a "minor" party for some years, but its a start.

Here's some of the party's policies:

Constitutional policies:
  • Loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen & the British Monarchy
  • encourage the celebration of N.Z.'s British loyalist heritage.
  • restore sedition to be very tough; life or death penalties.
  • Abolish the Supreme Court & restore J.C.P.C.
  • Abolish the “New Zealand” honours system
  • Reinstate Knighthoods & the British Imperial Honours system in NZ
  • Restoration of the right of appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council & the establishment of a Constitutional Court, to keep Parliament in check.
  • Abolish the anti-democratic M.M.P, along with the Maori seats, reduce Parliament to 99 mps.
  • M.Ps should be limited to only two 3 year terms,with the Prime Minister being directly elected by the people.
Race relations
  • The Race Relations Act,1971,it should be amended to provide for the proscription of any organisation that has been set up with the promotion of a racist agenda,& for those who set up such an organisation to be put to death.
  • Ban racist party’s - Maori Party & National Front.
  • Abolish the Treaty “principles” in law, stop further hand-outs to corrupt Maori groups
Law & Order
  • Tougher penalties for violent crime, e.g. rape, & etc.
  • The restoration of the death penalty is long overdue,especially for the violent offenders,& those who possess illegal drugs.
  • There should be no such thing as parole or 'home detention'.If a criminal is sentenced to 5 years in gaol,then they should stay in gaol for 5 years - & no prisoner compensation for "human rights" abuse.
  • Repeal Human Rights Act so people can freely critical of homosexual propaganda.
External relations
  • No military alliance / free trade with U.S., Communist China. N.Z. to support British Commonwealth only
  • New Zealand should support the recognition of both Somaliland & the Principality of Hutt River as independent states with full status as British Commonwealth member states.
  • New Zealand should support British Commonwealth membership for Ireland,as it will strengthen ties,& hopefully kick off democratic change in that country.


Blogger Bearhunter said...

Hahahaha, brilliant. Stop it lads, I'm crying with laughter. I've copied this out and posted it ona few other sites so more people can have a laugh at you. Oh God, that's just great, hahahahahahaha!

7:52 AM  
Blogger Lewis said...

Bill/Aidan, looks like you've succeeded in making Bearhunter crack!


9:17 AM  
Blogger Bearhunter said...

As has been pointed out on anopther site, why not call it the Conservative Unionist New Tories? Fitting acronym, I'm sure you'll agree. Although when said out loud, the Seedy You Pee is still worth a giggle....Shit, I'm still smiling.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Precious Freedoms said...

Would this be the same Queen who is about to sign away Englands last vestige of nationhood? I think you are imagining a Britain that no longer exists, I say very,very sadly.



12:24 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Oh dear. Well now I know that this blog is a fabricated tool of the republicans to demean the monarchists. I mean, this just can't be genuine.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Bearhunter said...

Sean, it is. Check out Aidan Work on Google. He's a legend in his own lunchtime. He also posts on various (NI) Loyalist sites under such names as Paisleyite1976 and Royalist0007. A very disturbed wee boy....

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one would vote for you.

Nor would you be able to gather enough people to form a party.....

9:16 AM  
Blogger Aristarchus said...

This is Birlliant, at last a protestant_Loyalist political alliance vca[able of uniting the divided factions of the Protestants_Loyalist's into an effective fighting machine capable of repelling the onslaught of agression from the republicans and other enemys of the Crown.
I have plenty ideas that i would like to share, to help build the movement. Pleas contact me on Light_of_the_Goldendawn@HOTMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION



9:44 AM  

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